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Our BPO Solutions

Scicom is an industry-leading business process outsourcing (BPO) provider that offers multi-lingual and omnichannel support & CX, back-office, digital transformation & intelligent automation services. 

Our team of BPO experts draw on over 20 years of experience to create value and deliver better business outcomes to help your organisation: 

  • Deliver engaging customer experiences across multiple channels and markets, in all your customers’ languages 
  • Adopt digital and automated processes seamlessly 
  • Cope with unpredictable events with minimal disruption to customer care operations 
  • Innovate processes to continuously increase productivity & efficiency and effectively scale operations as they grow in size and scope 

Customer Management & CX

Premier Customer Care

Proactive, outcome-focused support to help reinforce brand values and build loyalty with high-value customers

Technical Support

Highly differentiated troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintenance support to create positive, user-friendly brand experiences


Optimised sales funnels to generate high sales growth while building customer loyalty and  maximising profitability 

Social Media Support

Leading social media management tools and solutions to engage with customers 24/7


Highly effective order processing, portal management and delivery scheduling services that help clients realise cost savings

Multi-channel Support

Compelling customer experiences via any channel to enhance customer trust and loyalty

Back-office Services


Office support solutions to increase efficiency and allow for better workflow management

Content Moderation

Real-time content moderation to keep your support channels brand safe and engaging for all users

HR Services

Administrative and strategic HR solutions to provide  end-to-end HR management  designed optimally  to lower costs and increase productivity

Digital Transformation & Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Solutions to enable the automation of your front, middle and back-office processes, effectively blending agent-driven & digital customer experiences

IVR Technology

Advanced IVR phone system technology increase customer satisfaction and seamlessly route calls

CX Consulting Services

Building sustainable, data-driven customer experience (CX) strategies to  create meaningful interactions and  increase customer retention

Digital Platforms

Data-driven digital strategies to influence the metrics that matter and increase leads & sales


E-Commerce solutions that leverage data, expertise &  technology to  accelerate online marketplace growth

Other Services

COVID-19 Services

Digitally driven Covid-19 test and vaccine management & administration services for providers and public sector authorities

Multilingual Hubs

An integrated network of multilingual support operations leveraging skilled local talent and industry best practices

Emergency Services

Support services to ensure business continuity and continued operations in times of disruption

Flexible operating models

Flexible operating models tailored to client requirements that deliver bespoke solutions at any scale


Let us run your support operations end-to-end with best-in-class SOPs to deliver exceptional operational performance and consistently achieve KPIs


Manage your support operations internally while leveraging our skilled talent, top notch facilities and shared support services


Acquire state-of-the-art working spaces for your support operations with flexible leases and low deposits


Deploy a dedicated WFH team using Scicom Global Connect to seamlessly scale up or ramp down your support operations in response to market demands or unexpected events

Why Scicom BPO

We deliver the most effective and complete multi-lingual omnichannel CX solutions

Transforming the contact centre to provide a frictionless cross channel customer experience is our core competency. Helping us achieve this is our unparalleled experience and understanding of the cultural, linguistic, socio-economic and technology factors that impact CX preferences across Asia and worldwide.

We get results, and we get them quickly - first time, every time and all the time

We have a proven track record of outstanding execution, achieved through a relentless pursuit of quality. This assures better business outcomes, higher first call resolution and service levels, increased customer satisfaction, as well as more productive and happy staff with industry low attrition rates - all backed by our globally recognised SCP (Service, Capability & Performance), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) certifications.

We pride ourselves on being the easiest and most responsive BPO to do business with

From first contact, we aim to be the easiest, most versatile and most innovative to do business with, at your side for your end-to-end customer journey, thus enabling continuously improving operational and workforce efficiencies. Our simplicity and effectiveness are personified by our our Omni-Channel Easy Access Network (OCEAN), which enables us to optimise the transfer of voice and data to and from the web, Telco providers and client data centres. Using OCEAN, we ensure top quality interactions and the highest levels of continuity whilst reducing bandwidth costs, while also being able to monitor the availability and quality of inbound voice calls from dial tone to agent, enabling earlier the identification and resolution of issues.

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