AI for Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Customer Experience (CX)

Using AI to enhance customer service and redefine the customer experience

Our solutions are pre-built for multiple industries and results in faster resolution times, enhanced efficiency, and improved interaction quality.

Intelligent Voice Services

Customer service with AI-Powered Precision

Enhance customer service through integrated AI solutions

  • Intelligent IVR System with personalised customer service experiences.
  • Virtual Agent Support that handles routine inquiries efficiently.
  • Voice Authentication to enhance security.
  • Seamless Transition for complex inquiries to live agents.
  • AI-Suggested Solutions for agent assist.

Chat Conversions

Chat Service with AI-Driven Excellence

Enhance chat service efficiency and experience through AI technology.

  • AI Customer Identification that captures customer details for personalised responses.
  • Intelligent Chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP) to handle routine inquiries, reducing the need for human intervention for simple queries.
  • Seamless Transition for complex inquiries are transferred to live chat agents.
  • AI Co-Pilot that AI assists agents with real-time Generative AI Large Language Model (LLM), ensuring accurate and efficient resolutions.

AI Solutions for Customer Service

Delivering AI-powered customer engagement for speed, flexibility and innovation

Backed by a global team of over 3000 practitioners and a network of technology partners

Innovative Conversational AI Platform

Enables the quick design and implementation of automated conversations, which can be integrated with existing technology systems. 

Specific Modules

Deployment with pre-built virtual agent conversation flows tailored for various industries. 

Customer and
Journey Analytics

Insights into business inefficiencies to unlock new value.

Experience Builder

Allows for the creation and management of highly relevant interactions by responding to real-time events and executing appropriate actions.

AI Operation Algorithms

Continuously analyses and improve conversation performance throughout the service process to enhance the overall experience

The AI Impact

Scicom is transforming customer service through advanced AI technologies, enhancing service quality, and improving operational efficiency. Our AI solutions, including chatbots, voice recognition systems, predictive analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA), efficiently manage routine inquiries, support complex tasks, and provide real-time insights into customer behaviour.

Scicom has enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and achieved operational efficiencies for our clients by integrating cutting-edge AI capabilities for our clients.


up to 3x increase in customer satisfaction score (CSAT)


increase in customer lifetime value (CLTV)


increase in revenue

What we deliver

Scicom’s AI-powered solutions accelerates the deployment and optimisation of customer journeys. This approach enhances the entire experience, making it more rewarding and engaging for both customers and service representatives alike. 

Intelligent Customer Care

Through proactive messaging, self-service support, and agent-assisted conversations, we elevate customer service and drive efficiency, balancing technology with human touch.

Agent Co-Pilot Solutions

Equipping agents with AI assisted responses and product recommendations enhances retention, drives sales, and accelerates revenue growth.

Dynamic Customer Journeys

Targeted approach that fine-tunes industry specific customer journeys for multiple industries – telco, airlines, banking, public services, and e-Commerce.

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