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A leading global airline faced significant challenges managing high volumes of customer interactions across multiple channels including voice, email, chat, and social media. The airline was struggling with long wait times, inconsistent service quality, high handling times, and customer frustration. This situation underscored the need for a comprehensive technological overhaul.


A leading global airline carrier faced significant challenges due to high volumes of customer interactions through their chat channel. This led to long wait times, inconsistent service quality, high handling time, and increased customer dissatisfaction. There was a need for the latest technology intervention to improve the service workflow.

Solutions Implemented

Scicom deployed state-of-the-art technology, fully integrated, to transform the airline’s contact centre into a model of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Our intelligent IVR system uses AI and machine learning to provide personalised customer service experiences. It identifies repeat callers and personalises responses based on previous interactions and preferences.
  • Virtual agent support offers immediate assistance for routine inquiries, leveraging AI to handle standard questions and tasks efficiently.
  • Voice authentication verifies caller identities through unique voice patterns, enhancing security and reducing the need for other verification methods.
  • Seamless transition integrates with the airline’s website and mobile app, allowing customers to continue inquiries via phone without repeating information.
  • Multi-source integration retrieves data from various systems to provide comprehensive customer information.
  • Our IVR payment system enables secure transactions via credit card, connecting customers with agents to assist in completing payments seamlessly.
  • Real-time AI assistance monitors conversations and offers real-time solutions from the knowledge base to assist agents, ensuring efficient resolution of customer issues.
  • AI-suggested solutions provide agents with AI-recommended solutions and system references for effective issue resolution.
  • Flight disruption alerts check reservation tools for flight disruptions and alert agents about potential issues.
  • Post-interaction automation transcribes voice-to-text and summarises case notes, logging them into the CRM for future reference.
  • Quality monitoring analyses 100 percent of call recordings to assess resolution quality and customer sentiment, ensuring adherence to quality KPIs and providing feedback for agent improvement.
  • Feedback analysis continuously refines system responses and gauges customer sentiment based on feedback.
  • Red flag alerts identify irate customers and notify the real-time floor manager for potential escalations.
  • Follow-up calls address unresolved issues and poorly rated interactions, improving customer satisfaction.
  • A dedicated desk manages inquiries related to flight disruptions, ensuring priority service for affected passengers with a passcode system.
  • Our notification system provides notifications for affected passengers, facilitating efficient management of bookings and inquiries.
  • Speech and text analytics provide insights from both voice and text interactions.
  • Real-time and historical reporting provided immediate and historical data analysis for better decision-making.
  • Custom dashboards monitor performance with supervisor and agent dashboards.
  • Customer journey analytics track the entire customer journey to identify and close service gaps, analysing travel patterns and detecting frequent flyers.
  • AI-powered forecasting predicts call volumes and optimises agent schedules to ensure efficient resource allocation and improved service levels.
  • Scheduling and exception management ensure the right agents are available at the right times.

Training and upskilling resources are provided for agents to handle inquiries effectively and maintain high service quality. AI analyses gaps in agent knowledge and suggests relevant training courses.

Solutions Implemented

Scicom deployed state-of-the-art technology, fully integrated, to transform the airline’s contact centre into a model of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

When customers start a chat, our system identifies them by capturing their name, email, and contact information. It then checks for any pending cases in our CRM. We enhance customer profiles by combining data from various sources, such as purchase history and past interactions. This allows us to provide personalised responses and a complete view of each customer.

Our intelligent chatbot, using advanced language understanding, handles routine enquiries. It offers instant help based on pre-trained Gen AI large language models, enabling customers to receive quick and accurate answers for common issues without waiting for human assistance.

For complex enquiries, our intelligent chatbot seamlessly transfers the interaction to live agents, ensuring that all relevant details are conveyed. This process enhances the customer experience by eliminating the need for repetition and allowing agents to provide efficient and personalised assistance.

AI acts as a co-pilot during chat interactions, continuously monitoring conversations and offering real-time solutions. This advanced support system empowers agents to deliver accurate and efficient resolutions, enhancing overall service quality and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Interaction Analysis

AI technology analyses chat interactions, assessing resolution outcomes and customer sentiment. This ensures adherence to quality KPIs and identifies areas for agent improvement, fostering continuous development and excellence in customer service.

AI-Driven Feedback and Coaching

AI-driven coaching provides personalised feedback to agents, focusing on areas for development. This ensures high service standards through continuous learning and upskilling. The system focuses on:

  • Real-Time Feedback & Performance Analysis: Agents receive instant, actionable insights to enhance their performance. Interactions are evaluated, strengths are highlighted, and areas for improvement are identified.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Ongoing analysis ensures agents consistently meet quality benchmarks and adapt to evolving customer needs.
  • Continuous Learning for Agents our continuous learning system empowers agents with the knowledge and skills they need to excel. AI-driven gap analysis identifies areas where agents need improvement and suggests relevant training courses to address these gaps. Our on-demand video training system provides agents with immediate access to comprehensive resources, enabling them to handle enquiries effectively and continuously improve their performance. This approach ensures that our agents are always well-prepared to meet customer needs and deliver exceptional service.

Post-Chat Surveys

Customers are prompted to complete surveys following their chat sessions, allowing them to rate the service and provide specific feedback. Our AI technology analyses this feedback and our engineers refine the system responses to enhance customer satisfaction.

Follow-Up Chats

For interactions that receive poor ratings, our AI schedules follow-up calls to address unresolved issues. This process ensures customers receive satisfactory resolutions and their concerns are thoroughly addressed.

Knowledge Base Management

Our AI tools, powered by advanced large language models (LLMs) and machine learning algorithms, continuously generate and update FAQs based on the latest customer interactions and queries. This ensures that our knowledge base (SciKB) is always current, providing the most relevant and accurate information. Using advanced AI tools for data monitoring and analysis, our system continuously reads and analyses the types of queries and answers provided by agents. Newly identified queries are verified by the Knowledge Base Manager and updated in the SciKB, maintaining a comprehensive and current knowledge base.

Reporting and Analytics

Our cutting-edge reporting and analytics systems deliver both real-time and historical data analysis. Custom dashboards empower supervisors and agents to monitor performance and track the entire customer journey, ensuring optimal efficiency and customer satisfaction.

AI-Powered Forecasting

Our AI-driven forecasting leverages advanced algorithms to accurately predict chat volumes and optimise agent schedules. By ensuring efficient resource allocation, this technology enhances service levels and reduces operational costs. With precise forecasting, the right number of agents are available at the right times, leading to a faster and better customer service experience.

Business Outcome

Scicom’s innovative approach and advanced technological solutions have revolutionised customer service for the global airline, setting new standards in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Higher Customer

Quicker resolution times and personalised service led to higher customer satisfaction scores.

Reduced Handling

AI tools and pre-call data access reduced handling time, allowing agents to focus on complex issues.


Comprehensive call monitoring ensured high-quality interactions and facilitated continuous improvement.


The intuitive IVR system empowered customers to resolve issues independently, reducing the load on live agents and increasing efficiency.

Business Outcome

Scicom’s innovative approach and advanced technological solutions have revolutionised customer service for the global airline, setting new standards in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Increased Customer

Personalised and quicker resolutions have led to higher customer satisfaction scores. By understanding customer needs and providing timely, accurate responses, we have significantly improved the overall customer experience.

Enhanced Agent

The integration of AI tools and pre-chat data access has reduced handling time. Agents are now better equipped to handle enquiries efficiently, resulting in a more streamlined workflow and quicker issue resolution.

Improved Interaction

Comprehensive monitoring and feedback systems ensure high-quality interactions. Continuous analysis and real-time feedback help agents maintain high service standards and deliver exceptional customer support.

Higher Self-Service

Our intelligent chatbot currently handles 32% of the total chat volume, with a target to increase this to 40%. By empowering customers to resolve common issues independently, we enhance service efficiency and reduce the load on live agents.

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