To thrive in today’s constantly evolving business environment, senior management teams must tailor their outsourcing, digital and transformation strategies to respond to a broad range of factors. Explore Scicom’s latest thought leaderships to gain insights into the trends shaping CX globally, and to discover some of the opportunities presented by today's rapid advances in technology.

The Four Pillars of a Successful Work-from-Home Customer Service Team

Working from home is the new normal for now and in the future. Learn how to transition a customer service workforce to a WFH model without any disruption in service or capability.

Three Issues Jeopardising Today’s Customer Care

Consumers in 2021 can be won over or lost forever in a matter of seconds. Don't take the risk of tarnishing your brand’s reputation - our article delves into three issues jeopardising today's customer care and recommends strategies to overcome these challenges.

4 Catalysts to Achieving Customer Experience (CX) Excellence

The best way to build customer loyalty is by continuously improving customer experience (CX). In this article, we highlight 4 ways to improve your CX strategy for maximum customer retention.

5 Consumer Behaviour Trends Shaping the New Normal in 2021

New consumer behaviour patterns have emerged since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic as consumers adjust to a new normal. Find out how these consumer trends impact customer service in our latest Insights article.

5 Elements of a Thriving BPO Partnership in 2021

BPO Partnerships can last a single contractual period or years, depending on the relationship between client and vendor. In this article, we identify key elements of a thriving BPO Partnership to achieve sustained, long-term growth.

The 3 most important customer agent soft skills 

As a people-driven BPO, Scicom prides itself on hiring the best local and global talent to serve our clients. In our latest Insights article, we highlight the 3 most important soft skills customer support agents should have to deliver excellent customer service.