COVID-19: Business as usual at Scicom

March 30, 2020


As a result of the recent challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to outline some of the measures we have taken to ensure that we continue to serve our clients, their customers and our partners during this unprecedented period of uncertainty.

Using the latest technology available we have been able to ensure that most of our teams in Malaysia and Sri Lanka are enabled to work from home. To that end we have also put in dashboards, monitoring equipment, processes and systems to make sure all service levels and KPIs are being achieved for our clients and their customers.

Our business model has proven to be very resilient and we have acted very quickly to make sure that none of our customers have been impacted from a service delivery perspective, and that our staff can continue to support them from the safety of their homes.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has posed very significant challenges for businesses around the world, forcing us to adapt to new ways of working and to cope with government-mandated closures and social distancing measures. However, with the initiatives we have put in place we want our clients to know that the entire Scicom Team will make sure that all operations continue as usual and that we will provide all necessary support for our clients, their customers and their businesses as a whole throughout this crisis, while ensuring that we do not put our staff at risk and remain responsible corporate citizens in the global fight against the pandemic.

We wish you well.

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