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Sri Lankan Hotel & Resort Chain

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Sri Lankan Hotel & Resort Chain

Digital platforms are disrupting the way the tourism sector is being run, impacting the way destinations gather data and attract visitors. Platforms that facilitate peer-to-peer communication and user-generated content are on the rise, and the results are complex: an extensive web of touchpoints showing huge variations across people and preferences. With such an array of channels available, omni-channel and on-the-go support are becoming essential to a traveller's overall experience.



Our client is a premier award-winning hotel and resort chain that currently owns and operates a range of 5-star hotels and resorts located across the South Asian region. We helped our client enhance their customer experience levels by providing them with additional support channels, and facilitating booking and enquiry efficiencies for all of their properties located in Sri Lanka.

Centralised call centre operations for our client's operations in Sri Lanka
Enhanced client's customer interaction management systems by implementing an omnichannel single point of contact
Introduced customer care services for both front and back-end processes, inclusive of first level support for our client’s website booking inquiries, and airport transfer services for city hotels
Implemented telephone operator Services for our client’s hotels & resorts hotline / general inquiries
Sales promotion for all our client’s properties to help contact centre staff strive towards achieving group and individual targets
Rapidly introduced (activation within 1 hour) of a state-of-the-art disaster recovery site to ensure business continuity
KEY outcomes
Differentiated customer experience
Scicom helped to introduce a 24x7x365 service for our client’s customers from a centralised call centre. To date, our client is the only hotel chain to operate a 24x7 contact centre in Sri Lanka.
Contact Centre Efficiencies
Aggressive answer rate & abandon target practices were implemented to improve call handling rates. Real time floor management practices were also implemented to optimise staff levels in accordance with our client’s productivity and profitability goals.
Reduced Attrition Levels
Reduced attrition by providing skill development programs, offering continuous career development opportunities, and enhancing recognition and rewards programs for all contact centre staff


20% growth in local market room revenue y-o-y


Average monthly revenue generated from outbound sales efforts exceeded LKR 25 Million