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Regional Retail Player

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Regional Retail Player

The global e-commerce market is expected to be worth USD6.5 billion by 2023, and while the majority of companies see this as an opportunity, a lot are frustrated by the prospect of dealing with outdated platforms and the complexity of managing multiple retail channels. In light of this, comprehensive online retail strategies are required, with a detailed understanding of how customers shop, what they buy and how they respond to new technologies.


Scicom teams have provided the technology backbone to support transaction processing and our consumer experience teams crafted personalisation tools and designed customer care operations. Our clients were able to consolidate, re-platform, and upgrade their multichannel commerce capabilities quickly, vastly expanding their reach without multiplying the costs of their commerce systems.

Scicom’s services included application maintenance, site enhancement, digital marketing, web content support, server administration and maintenance.
Front-end (Merchandise & Site Management): Content and catalogue management, pricing, browsing rules and personalisation, search management, shopping cart, mobile applications
Back-end (CRM, Marketing, Finance, Analytics): Target market definition and segmentation, customer insights, campaign management, loyalty programs, order and payment management, finance and billing administration, analytics and reporting
KEY outcomes
Digital Optimisation
Multichannel commerce that was able to scale to meet global growth goals.
Faster transaction processing
Increased speed of transaction processing and order management.
Increase reach and enhanced customer engagement
through mobile app, social media customer support, customer analytics and insights.


200% increase in online sales since deployment