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More and more, government services are being held to exceedingly high standards. Not only must they be safe, secure and up-to-date, but they must also be easy-to-use and engaging. The need for government agencies to adopt digital technologies that help them “do more with less” has become especially urgent because of budget pressures and higher citizen expectations. To address this, Scicom's Gov-Tech solutions focus on improving service, security and compliance efficiencies for federal, local and state government bodies – with the aim of making the lives of all government employees and everyday citizens easier.


Scicom Gov-Tech provides digital government services and solutions for federal, local and state government clients. The aim is to transform government agencies from the inside out, enhancing service delivery by adopting modern approaches to managing and delivering digital services.

Application Development & Maintenance: Developed a visa application system and mobile app – custom built for client to manage visa application processing and medical screening for foreign students.
Visa Processing Services: Established a Processing Centre and Service Counters inclusive of:
• Back-office visa processing services
• Front-office contact points for educational institutions to submit student applications and passports, and to collect Visa Approval letters and stamped passports
• Multi-channel contact centre for foreign students, higher education representatives, government agencies
Technology Infrastructure Design and Management: Set-up, hosted and maintained cloud data centre, integration with relevant government agencies to expedite processing.
KEY outcomes
The move to digital improved stakeholder engagement and improved the visa application turnaround time from an average of 4 months to 14 days, enabling the country to capture a greater share of international students studying abroad.
Improving Operational Excellence
Improved service delivery performance to become measurable, repeatable, and predictable
Designed Best-in-class Processes
Applied continuous improvement programs, within and across government agencies areas to deliver a fundamental improvement in speed of processing while also providing security, access control and IT governance
Developed a Connected Government Platform:
Single point of contact for support and online portal services to resolve customer issues


88% decrease in visa application turn-around time - from average of 16 weeks (4 months) to 2 weeks


200% increase in visa applications, increasing the country’s market share for international students

What our clients say

We are delighted with services provided by Scicom (MSC) Berhad and would highly recommend them for complex software solution projects requiring end-to-end services and associated support functions.

Malaysian Government Institution