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Malaysian Healthcare Provider

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Malaysian Healthcare Provider

Increasingly in healthcare, there is a desire for patients to be treated not just as patients, but as customers – which is changing the way companies develop their customer engagement strategies. Customers increasingly demand personalised content and relevant conversations at every touchpoint, wanting to know that custom feedback is available when it comes to managing their myriad of healthcare queries. To address this, Scicom provide a range of customer experience solutions to help healthcare providers remain competitive.


Scicom conducted a 30-day intensive learner-centred programme which focused on developing critical occupational competencies and skills for a leading Malaysian healthcare provider’s hospital operations. The Patient Relationship Management (PRM) Programme  aims at developing competent healthcare professionals equipped with client-centric mindsets and superior English language communication skills among key client-facing staff.

Personal Development - To develop a client-centric mindset, and to provide staff with the right attitude to meet the demands of their working environment, and project self-confidence
Workplace Skills - To introduce professional workplace skills to all staff to enable participants to perform their jobs more effectively. Sample sub-modules include Effective Presentation & Report Writing Skills
Service Culture – To provide participants with the knowledge, competencies and skills to ensure a consistent customer experience at every critical touch-point
Globalising the Healthcare Professional – The 80/20 Occupational English programme was specially designed to improve the participants’ English language communication skills
KEY outcomes
The programme was custom designed to fit our clients’ exact needs, and comprised of modules focussing on the following areas:
Improved knowledge of critical healthcare-related soft skills:
healthcare professionals were exposed to the right attitude, service culture, workplace and communication skills to handle their varied roles with confidence
Consistent client experience across all critical touchpoints
Post-training, participants were able to provide a consistent client experience while exhibiting professionalism when dealing with patient stakeholders at all customer touchpoints.


Empowering 50 customer support staff to deliver superior customer experience


30% increase in English proficiency among participants post-training