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Education focused Public Sector Agency

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Education focused Public Sector Agency

The need for government agencies to adopt digital technologies that help them “do more with less” has become especially urgent because of budget pressures and higher citizen expectations. Scicom Gov-Tech provides digital government services and solutions for federal, local and state government clients. The aim is to transform government from the inside out, enhancing service delivery by working with government agencies that are ready to adopt modern approaches to managing and delivering digital services.


Scicom developed a variety of training programmes for an education-focused public sector agency from 2011 to 2014. The purpose of these programmes was to upskill local fresh and unemployed graduates - facilitating their ability to take on real-life professional challenges, and be competent in the Malaysian service industry.

Principles of Global Customer Service: Problem-Solving, Decision-Making and Critical Thinking
Principles of Global Customer Communication: Mind Assault Programme (MAP) and Understanding The New Economic Model
The Global Communication Professional: 80/20 Global Business English modules which aimed at improving graduate communication skills, i.e. Accent Neutralisation, Telephone Handling Techniques, Effective Listening.
New Professional Entrepreneur: Professional Grooming & Business Etiquette
KEY outcomes
Knowledge of critical corporate skills
Improved participant knowledge and capabilities in key graduate skill gap areas – Problem Solving, Effective Decision Making & Critical Thinking
Improved employability amongst fresh and unemployed graduates
Participants are better equipped to fare in the global job market, with a more comprehensive understanding of the hard and soft skills required to attain employment


2477 participants from the programme earned interviews


90% success rate in job placement among interviewed candidates