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Scicom Gov-Tech


More and more, government services are being held to exceedingly high standards. Not only must they be safe, secure and up-to-date, but they must also be easy-to-use and engaging. To address this, our Gov-Tech solutions focus on improving service, security and compliance efficiencies for federal, local and state government bodies – with the aim of making the lives of all government employees and everyday citizens easier:

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International Student Management System

Workflow customisation, online vetting of student applications, student application tracking, and seamless integration with 3rd party systems

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Border Control & Intelligence Solutions

Integrated biometric border control solutions for all customer touchpoints, facilitating the identification of threats and alerts in real-time

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Advanced Passenger Screening Systems

Automated passenger/passport vetting solutions, with advanced profiling to provide intelligence to relevant authorities for further action

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Interpol Integration

Easy integration with existing citizen databases to facilitate real-time communication and quick responses between government stakeholders and Interpol 

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E-Visa Implementation

End-to-end visa application and issuance solution, available to clients in an auditable and transparent online environment

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Medical Screening Solutions

Solutions to facilitate the secure management of clinical data while seamlessly connecting all relevant healthcare stakeholders 

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Citizen Identification Solutions

Effective identity management solutions to ensure safe, easy and efficient Government-to-Citizen transactions

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Phytosanitary Information Management Systems

Streamlined on-line solutions to expedite phytosanitary certification, import approval, release and transit approval processes

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Biometric Technology

Flexible and scalable solutions to quickly authenticate travellers and detect threats

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Analytics and Business Intelligence

An integral part of all of Scicom’s Gov-tech solutions, we provide Business Intelligence Tools / Analytics Dashboards that provide access to data on real time basis

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Blockchain Technologies

Forward-looking solutions to validate citizen identities, secure & track trade transactions via a tamper-proof distributed ledger system

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Migrant Worker Management Systems

End-to-end solutions that easily integrate with border control systems to effectively monitor migrant workforce movement 

Why Scicom?

We offer secure, flexible & comprehensive solutions

We digitise functions seamlessly to meet all requirements. Our solutions ensure efficient, accelerated end-to-end processes for all stakeholders.

Our solutions are transparent & auditable

Automated processes that allow all stakeholders to have real-time access to the status of every process.

We’re together for the entire ride

Our teams are available 24/7 to address any support queries you might have related to our solutions, whether it be at ideation or implementation

Our Technology Capabilities


We offer a complete suite of e-commerce services inclusive of platform design, implementation, systems integration, hosting, training, and support to aid the delivery of your e-commerce goals. We also provide users unrivaled flexibility to manage the content, looks, and functionality of their online store.

Business Analytics

At Scicom, we offer business analytics with cutting-edge database technology, data visualization tools and a flexible business intelligence architecture, letting you benefit from the advantages of multi-dimensional analytics, without the complexities of traditional data warehousing and OLAP modelling.



Our CRM systems help to manage your customer relationships, increase sales and revenue, improve customer retention, and help with both front and back-end task automation. Easily-integrated, flexible, and simple to use, we provide a simple CRM interface focused on showcasing the metrics that matter to your business.