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Scicom Digital


We understand that today’s business environment favours the bold, and the customer-centric. The focus has shifted to using data-driven content to drive the development of truly personalised customer touchpoints and marketing experiences. In response to this, our team brings you a range of digital services that ensure you excel:

Creative Services

Your brand’s logo, visual identity and emotional attributes are integral to it standing out and cutting through the noise.

We provide memorable artistic propositions tailoured to client needs across web, mobile, social media and video.




Digital Experience (DX)

Compelling customer-oriented digital experiences allow you to personalise content, and obtain in-depth insights into your customers - giving you a sustainable edge over the competition.

We provide digital solutions to develop and enhance multi-channel engagement with your brand throughout the customer lifecycle.

Marketing & Branding

Great multi-channel branding is the key to standing out, earning trust, and ultimately driving business value.

We develop innovative multi-channel campaigns to give your brand the ultimate edge over the competition.



Web & Mobile Applications

Serving as an essential part of the customer experience, it is imperative for web and mobile platforms to be appealing and practical, to effectively address a wide-range of customer needs.

We help you develop compelling, personalised, and engaging digital experiences.


Media Buying Services

A well-thought-out media buying strategy is becoming increasingly important to understand where and who to invest your digital marketing budget on to achieve the highest ROI.

We provide media strategy development and buying services to ensure seamless integration among media channels, and contextually relevant targeting.



Analytics & Big Data

Effectively using analytics and big data helps companies adjust content messaging dynamically and according to demand, while also measuring the tangible results of all campaigns to determine what is working and what is not.

We provide detailed behavioural profiling, forecasting, and analysis to help clients turn customer insights into action.

Digital Strategy

A good digital business strategy is the key to effectively connecting with customers, conveying desired brand attributes, and ultimately creating long-lasting customer value.

We have capabilities in designing & executing Digital CX strategies across entire customer lifecycle; to help brands flourish across all marketing channels.


Why Scicom?

We develop compelling digital experiences

We understand that the average customer switches between multiple touchpoints to perform a single transaction, and are committed to creating compelling and consistent experiences across the channels that matter to you and your business.

We're at the forefront of innovation

We continually invest in the latest creative, digital marketing and data analytics software to enhance our delivery of compelling digital experiences 

We understand your customers

Our commitment to the latest technologies gives us superior data analytics capabilities, enabling us to develop an in-depth view of your customers’ current and future behaviour


Our Technology Partners


Named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for experiential platforms, digital marketing analytics, web content management, multi-channel campaign management and mobile application development, Adobe’s digital marketing suite brings data and content together to deliver the best customer experiences across all channels and devices.

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