Transforming the Delivery of Government Services

About Our Client

Scicom Gov-Tech provides digital government services and solutions for federal, local and state government clients. The aim is to transform government agencies from the inside out, enhancing service delivery by adopting modern approaches to managing and delivering digital services.

Solutions Provided

  • Application Development & Maintenance: Developed a visa application system and mobile app – custom built for client to manage visa application processing and medical screening for foreign students.
  • Visa Processing Services: Established a Processing Centre and Service Counters inclusive of:
    • Back-office visa processing services
    • Front-office contact points for educational institutions to submit student applications and passports, and to collect Visa Approval letters and stamped passports
    • Multi-channel contact centre for foreign students, higher education representatives, and government agencies
  • Technology Infrastructure Design and Management: Set-up, hosted and maintained cloud data centre, integration with relevant government agencies to expedite processing.

Key Outcomes

Improved Operational Excellence
Improved service delivery performance to become measurable, repeatable, and predictable
Designed Best-in-class Processes
Applied continuous improvement programs, within and across government agencies areas to deliver a fundamental improvement in speed of processing while also providing security, access control and IT governance
Developed a Connected Government Platform
Single point of contact for support and online portal services to resolve customer issues

Results Achieved


88% decrease in visa application turn-around time – from average of 16 weeks (4 months) to 2 weeks


200% increase in visa applications, increasing the country’s market share for international students

More Case Studies

Our client is a premier award-winning hotel and resort chain that currently owns and operates a range of 5-star hotels and resorts located across the South Asian region. We helped our client enhance their customer experience levels by providing them with additional support channels, and facilitating booking and enquiry efficiencies for all of their properties located in Sri Lanka.
Our client is an online provider of hotel booking services, with access to over 300,000 hotels worldwide. Scicom were engaged to provide omnichannel customer support to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) and service levels, while also lowering attrition levels among support staff.

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