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About Our Client

Our client is a Malaysian satellite television provider, operating in Malaysia and Brunei, with over 3 million subscribers nationwide (in 2018). Scicom were tasked with training a pool of specifically profiled graduates to address the needs of our client’s unique customer service culture and range of offerings. The focus was on ensuring the right personnel were equipped with the requisite knowledge, information and skills to address the many challenges faced in a contact centre environment, with Certificates in Contact Centre Operations provided to staff at the end of the programme.

Solutions Provided

  • Professional Development Skills: Equipping participants with professional skills such as time management, workplace grooming, office etiquette and stress management.
  • Customer Service Skills: Customised soft skill delivery modules and role plays in line with the client’s specific contact centre environment – modules include The Customer Service Mindset, Core Tele-skills & Managing Difficult Customers.
  • Occupational English: Modules aimed at improving communication skills, i.e. accent neutralization, telephone handling techniques, effective listening.
  • Products, Services & Systems Knowledge: Customised content that reflects the changes in client Products and Service offerings, Billing and Technical Troubleshooting 
  • Orientation, Buddying & Handover Capabilities: Allowing new staff to sit next to an experienced colleague to listen and learn to help to hone skills and transfer knowledge.

Key Outcomes

Lower turnover among customer support staff
With a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, staff were more productive and eager to engage in the workplace
A consistent client experience across all critical touchpoints
Post-training, participants were able to provide a consistent client experience while exhibiting professionalism when dealing with customers across all touchpoints

Results Achieved


Attrition levels have dropped to a constant 3% from 10%-15%


100% consistency in the training provided to all new hires

More Case Studies

Our client is a premier award-winning hotel and resort chain that currently owns and operates a range of 5-star hotels and resorts located across the South Asian region. We helped our client enhance their customer experience levels by providing them with additional support channels, and facilitating booking and enquiry efficiencies for all of their properties located in Sri Lanka.
Our client is an online provider of hotel booking services, with access to over 300,000 hotels worldwide. Scicom were engaged to provide omnichannel customer support to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) and service levels, while also lowering attrition levels among support staff.

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