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Scicom E-Commerce


To address your unique business requirements, our team of experts will facilitate the development of your ideal internet sales channel. Our offerings include:

Complete E-commerce Strategy & Engine Development

Unique, engaging customer shopping experiences, showcasing a high ability to customise and seamless third-party integrations. Support from a global ecosystem of merchants, partners, and developers, to give life to your e-commerce vision.

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Mobile App Strategy & Development

Stunning, functional apps that focus on enhancing customer experiences and improving online sales. We offer expertise in iOS and Android mobile application development across multiple devices.

Payment Gateway Services

Custom payment solutions for any business, with varied currency, shopping cart and payment methods.

Custom dashboards equipped with real-time data and insights, and seamless integration with credit card processing networks and online banking facilities.

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Catalog & Inventory Management 

Customisable inventory solutions to scale with your business, allowing for the effective organisation and tracking of all products.

A real-time view of inventory-levels throughout the customer experience, driving every customer browse closer to a purchase decision.

Web & Social Analytics

A birds-eye view of your store’s performance - showcasing key sales, order, and visitor data (to all online stores and social media channels).

Analytics to help online merchants learn which marketing and advertisings tactics are generating the most sales, and increase checkout conversion.

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Order Processing & Fulfilment

Personalised solutions to facilitate order, inventory and product delivery monitoring, in real-time, using any device.

We offer custom warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, transportation, and reverse logistics services based on client requirements.

Why Scicom?

We offer personalised, end-to-end, multi-channel commerce solutions

We are set up to cater to your exact e-Commerce needs, with abilities to fully personalise the content, looks, and functionality of your online store

We provide next-level customer insights

Our commitment to the latest technologies gives us superior data analytics capabilities, enabling us to develop an in-depth view of your customers’ current and future behaviour across all your commercial channels

We’re by your side for the whole journey

Our team are available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you might have about our solutions

Isometric visualisation of ecommerce
Isometric visualisation of ecommerce