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Scicom Global Connect

Key Features

Scicom Global Connect provides clients from all over the world with an effective solution for recruiting, training, and managing remote support teams while ensuring an exceptional service level across all channels.​

Digital Recruitment

  • Leveraging strong relationships with top universities and online job portals to source top global talent
  • Conducting comprehensive assessments to narrow agent candidate pool - All applicants are evaluated to determine if they have the desired experience, education, interpersonal skills, and language proficiency required by our clients.




Virtual Training

Deployment of comprehensive e-learning based training programmes to ensure that agents are taught the skills, competencies, and tools needed to serve end-customers and articulate client value:

  • Soft-skills Training: Comprehensive modules outlining the fundamentals of contact centre operations, customer service, customer communication, and stress management
  • Client-based Training: Provision of all required client training modules 

Remote Agent Management

  • Daily meetings conducted via online platforms to ensure alignment across both individual and team KPIs
  • Centralised online interfaces for all Team Leaders to monitor and optimise agent productivity and end-consumer experiences



Secure Support Systems

  • Encrypted voice delivery with VoIP
  • VPNs and Firewalls to ensure safe access to systems
  • ISMS certified virtual desktop security practices and technology to prevent unauthorised objects and persons from accessing client assets
  • Data encryption throughout all agent communications
  • Continuous monitoring of agent device software compliance


Why Scicom Global Connect?

A more diverse and dedicated agent pool

Our talent acquisition team recruits without geographic limitations, allowing for the easy targeting of specific traits such as background, education, and language proficiency. We have also found that remote workers are more satisfied and loyal employees, which increases overall efficiency and lowers staff attrition.

An agile customer support model

Avoid future business disruption in crisis situations that spike customer demand yet restrict international travel & in-country movement. We ensure that you’re ready when the unexpected happens with an agile support model built to withstand change.

Flexibility to meet changing business needs

Scicom Global Connect helps you easily scale your support operations up or down based on changing business needs and fluctuating customer demands.

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