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Sri Lankan Financial Services Provider

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Sri Lankan Financial Services Provider

As more customers start to leverage online and mobile banking, customers are growing to expect a high standard of personalised engagement across all channels. In line with this, financial institutions that emphasise omnichannel customer support, and create customised experiences across all touchpoints are expected to see the most significant rise in revenue and brand loyalty. 


Our client is a regional provider of financial services that has 172 branches and over 3,344 staff members in Sri Lanka. Scicom were engaged to provide an omnichannel solution, providing customer support experiences to meet the higher expectations of today’s banking customers. We helped our client enhance their level of customer support, and improve the quality of outbound interactions to generate additional revenue.

Provided client with live chat services, extending the scope of support, with chat support provided for 365 days of the year (24x7)
Extended range of support channels to include branch calls; Non-voice services were extended to include social media - with WhatsApp featuring as a prominent method of communication
Provided a custom skills-based sales course to all retention center employees, supervisors and managers to facilitate increased outbound interactions and revenue generation
Implemented quality call standards to monitor and improve sales and customer service skills.
KEY outcomes
Differentiated customer experience
Scicom helped to introduce a range of voice/non-voice support initiatives to facilitate effective customer interactions across multiple channels, creating more engaging and efficient customer experiences for our client.
Highly Qualified Support Staff
Comprehensive training modules coupled with monthly assessments targeted at all employees (including supervisors and managers) resulted in high levels in knowledge and efficiency across our client’s support team.
Improved Sales from Outbound Interactions
All inbound agents were trained to develop tele-sales capabilities, and to maximise their overall support efficiency. Outbound customer activities and cross selling campaigns have generated over LKR 5M revenues since June 2018.
Reduced Attrition Levels
Managed to reduce attrition by providing skill development programs, offering continuous career development opportunities, and enhancing recognition and rewards programs for support staff.


Approximately 2,000 customers served over live-chat monthly


Approximately 5,000 card applications processed monthly


14% reduction in attrition rate - from 21% to 7%