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Regional Telecommunications Provider

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Regional Telecommunications Provider

With the introduction of an increasing number of digital communication channels, revenues from core voice and messaging businesses continue to shrink, and the number of customer touchpoints is ever-growing. Players in the telecommunications sector face an uphill battle as digitisation reshapes the industry landscape, and customer experience becomes an ever-growing driver of a company’s bottom line.


Our client is one of Sri Lanka's largest telecommunications service providers, with a customer base of over 8.2 million subscribers.

Deployed outbound support services, with coverage 6 days a week across 9am-6pm shifts
Extended outbound support services for 3G and 4G Sim Conversion, Credit, Welcome and telemarketing-related interactions
Designed and provided an interactive customised training syllabus to all call center supervisors
Implemented coaching and quality call standards to monitor improvement of conversions and customer service skills
KEY outcomes
Multi-channel Support
Introduced a range of voice support initiatives to facilitate effective customer interactions, creating more engaging and efficient customer experiences.
Highly Qualified Support Staff
Comprehensive training modules coupled with monthly assessments targeted at all employees (including supervisors and managers) resulted in high levels in knowledge and efficiency across our client’s support team.
Consistently High levels of Customer Support
Consistent call listening by all members of the Customer Experience Team (CET) to maintain quality standards, along with daily discussions & feedback sessions with all relevant members of senior management.
Reduced Attrition Levels
Managed to reduce attrition by enhancing employee motivation levels and improving employee engagement. Deployed initiatives included attractive Recognition and rewards programmes, the provision of continuous career development opportunities, and the holding of various staff-focused recreational events.


Approximately 4,000 connected calls processed per day for outbound campaign


80% success rate achieved for 3G to 4G Sim Card changes


9% reduction in attrition rate