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Three Issues Jeopardising Today’s Customer Care

Consumers in 2021 can be won over or lost forever in a matter of seconds. Don't take the risk of tarnishing your brand’s reputation - our article delves into three issues jeopardising today's customer care and recommends strategies to overcome these challenges.

In Brief

Globally, the BPO industry is seeing an explosion of demand for customer care services, fuelled by a global consumer base increasingly reliant on online platforms for products and services such as banking, groceries, electronic goods, and transportation.

Increasing market needs has rapidly changed the consumer landscape. BPOs need to be swift in optimising different areas affecting customer service delivery or risk disappointing consumers. In this article, we look at how Automation, Quality Assurance, and Customer Experience (CX) has evolved in call centre operations, and how to respond to these changes to ensure excellent customer service.


Customer service technologies are tools for the human team, not total replacements. AI futurists tell us it is only around the corner that we will be replaced, but humans have emotions as an advantage. Hence, the ‘human touch’ will still have a place in work

Chandima Hemachandra, 
CTO, Scicom


Automation does not mean a full replacement of human agents because not all automated solutions are effective. Automation should be a tool to improve overall CX.


Quality Assurance should harmonise client requirements with customer feedback to ensure quality assessment is aligned with customer needs.


Aligning CX goals across all departments ensures that technological innovation remains customer-centric, and that customer satisfaction is the primary measure of success.