International Student Management System

Scicom’s International Student Management System (ISMS) solution is designed to improve the efficiency of foreign student immigration process and decrease the turn-around time for applications whilst improving the security and compliance of the end-to-end workflow. ISMS provides the following functionality and benefits :

  • Workflow Customization and Compliance to Government Policies and Procedures.
  • Online vetting of Application Supporting Documents.
  • Document Management and Tracking built in to the Workflow.
  • Integration with Passport Scanners for Passport Data Capture and Verification.
  • Student Application Status Tracking (web based as well as mobile application available for Android and iOS).
  • Alerts and Notifications to update users of status changes and action dates.
  • Best in class security features with SSL and VPN.
  • Complete Tracking of the End to End process including each of the sub processes
  • Calculation and Tracking of workflow SLA’s
  • Easy Document Viewing and Traceability of Passports.
  • Integration with border control system for seamless immigration processing.
  • Transparent process with real-time updates on application status.
  • Complete student profile including:
    • Student Bio data
    • Medical Screening Results
    • Insurance Coverage and Expiry
    • Student Pass Expiry Notifications
  • Auditable and complete log of the individual application process.
  • Configurable and drilldown dashboards for Reporting and Analysis.

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