Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Scicom is committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’). We conduct our business, in a manner that acknowledges, measures and takes responsibility for our direct and indirect impact on the Environment, the Workplace, the Community and the Marketplace.

We adopt CSR by integrating open and transparent business practices into our business operations which are based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities and the environment. The way we do business is designed to deliver sustainable value to the society at large and to all stakeholders, including our shareholders.

Our CSR program primarily focusses at the Workplace, the Community the Environment and the Marketplace. In instilling good CSR practice, Scicom remains focused on excellent economic performance, superior social practices and good environmental practices.

Scicom’s business is based on human capital. Our employees drive our operations and are key to our success. As such, we are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent and creating a work environment that promotes a high level of performance. We believe, that having sound CSR policies embedded in the way we conduct our business is the best way to motivate our key resource, our employees, and thereby to take care of our customers. If our employees feel safe, satisfied and engaged, our customers will experience the service we deliver in a more positive way.

Furthermore, CSR is becoming increasingly important for our customers as they strive to improve their own business performance and make a positive impact on society. Leading global companies require a consistent CSR performance from their partners, which is increasingly becoming a key factor in winning and retaining contracts with most customers. It is therefore important for us to be able to demonstrate that we understand their CSR goals and are capable of addressing them.

Scicom is committed to instilling innovation in the minds of our staff in order to drive new strategies and improvements to productivity in our service delivery and business operations. The company’s Learning and Development department has played an instrumental role in driving excellence in our workforce by emphasizing on competency, leadership development and high performance. Scicom has successfully, with in-house courses which are accredited, managed to train and retain the right people that have the ability and motivation to perform and deliver performance of high standards. Scicom’s understanding on the importance of responsible practices is reflected in our mission statements where not only do we strive to be the best in the industry, but also to give the best to the surroundings we operate in.

With each year, we intend to strengthen our CSR initiatives by creating better and more meaningful staff efforts and events. Our various efforts during the financial year 2017 in serving the community and safeguarding the environment were :

In August 2016, Scicom (MSC) Berhad was presented with the ‘Best Under Billion Awards 2015 as Runner Up for the Best Return on Assets by Focus Malaysia.

In October 2016 , efforts to provide best in class HR practices to our employees saw Scicom named as the Gold Award Winner for the Employer of Choice category in the Malaysia HR Awards.














Free Medical Check-Up For All Scicom Staff

In Mid-September 2017, the management of Scicom (MSC) Berhad organized a free medical check-up for its staff at its Group Headquarters in Menara TA, Kuala Lumpur. The effort saw Doctors from the Qualitas Medical Group conducting medical screening services on our staff for a period of two weeks. Staff were essentially required to undergo a doctor supervised medical test and routines which among others screened the participants of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and ascertained their overall cardiovascular health. As the response to this campaign was encouraging, Scicom will endeavour to make this an annual practice for its staff.


Sri Lanka Flood Relief Donation Initiative

Scicom has continuously been supporting the less fortunate hit by natural disasters by contributing to fund raising campaigns. Scicom employees raised RM30,000 for the flood victims in Sri Lanka.

Scicom’s recruitment of young talent initiatives involves active participation at local career fairs and campus recruitment events. Scicom believes that open dialogue is an important avenue to promote effective communication, as well as to foster closer bonds between the Management and employees. The Company regularly conducts employee engagement activities throughout the year.

Employee Satisfaction Survey “SPEAK” is conducted once in a year. This annual survey examines employee-immediate manager relationship and gauges employee satisfaction with senior and performance management, employee’s perception to their career growth, compensation and welfare, work environment as well as their perception of the Company. The survey results are tabled at management meetings and action plans are devised to address areas that need improvement. We have several initiatives in the workplace aimed at being an employer of choice. Some of the initiatives taken during the year as follows:-

We enhanced our corporate governance practices with the review of our whistleblower policy and procedure, fostering an environment where integrity and ethical behaviour are encouraged and maintained.

We made improvements with regards to employee engagement. Our “Scicom Delight” intranet is now a focal point for employees to access timely and comprehensive information and current developments in the Company. We also maintained other employee engagement activities amongst others various sports and recreational activities.

We continued to focus on skills development and improvement by offering our employees in-house training programmes through the year.

To inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and kindred amongst the employees, sports, games and other activities were held throughout the year under the “Delight” programme.


As a company with international reach serving multinational customers, Scicom has harnessed the elements of diversity and inclusions across its workforce, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We recognize that diversity plays a vital role in allowing our employees to fulfill their potential and maximize their contribution to the company. Scicom recognises the value of a diverse workforce in rendering services of our multinational customer base.


Ethnic Diversity

In 2017 the ethnic diversity of our workforce was

Scicom maintains a balanced ethnicity of its workforce reflecting the multiracial ethnicity of the country.


Gender Diversity

In 2017 female employees made up 47% of our workforce with 43% female representation in management positions. In an effort to encourage and attract greater female participation in our workforce, the company has been paying greater attention in providing facilities for the benefit of our female employees.


Age Diversity

The age profile of our workforce reflects that majority of our workforce is young and aged under 30 years. In 2017, 63% of our employees were under 30 years and 28% of our employees were between 30 but under 39 years. The young age profile of our workforce reflects that a majority of our employees are youthful and vibrant. Due to the nature of our Operations and the strong understanding of the business, Scicom is able to provide employment to a vast majority of fresh graduates.


Our Environment

Scicom’s staffs are eco-friendly and the importance of environmental preservation. The Company constantly engages with staff in proactive measures in environmental conservation which involves efficient use of energy, water, use of biodegradable and eco-friendly products in the office, reuse and use of recycled paper and measures to reduce carbon footprints. Various initiatives have been implemented to conserve and reduce utilisation of paper, electricity, water and office supplies in our daily operations. Employees are encouraged through periodic dialogue sessions to suggest innovative ideas that can generate more savings of resources. This has resulted in savings not only from a financial standpoint but also in cultivating a culture of environmental awareness and conservation amongst our employees.


The Community

Scicom continues to invest in its commitment to contribute to the national economic development of the country by improving the quality of life of its workforce and their families, as well as of the local community and society at large. Scicom’s CSR is about business giving back to its people. Scicom through its subsidiaries, Scicom (Academy) Sdn Bhd and Scicom International College Sdn Bhd in collaboration with BTEC (British Certifications) continues in providing Certification, Post-Graduate Certification and Post-Graduate Diploma Programmes in Contact Centre Management to Malaysians. This provides for a key role in creating a trained & qualified workforce, armed with the relevant disciplines, for the outsourcing industry in Malaysia. The fact that our very own 1,932 Malaysian operations based human capital workforce are able to improve their performance & capabilities by the ability to attain these various Certifications at a significantly subsidised cost, is a testimony itself to our


The Workplace

Scicom continues to provide employment and training opportunities for Malaysians. Since its employees are its greatest asset, the Company recognises the need to continually improve the quality of its workforce and the requirement to invest in training programmes to upskill its workforce.

We understand that our people need to be developed, challenged, and be nurtured to be motivated to meet our business goals.

We continually reward and recognise our employees for their outstanding contribution and performance.

Scicom believes that the members of any team and the various departments within our organisation must work together to achieve common goals and targets of the Company.

Scicom has enhanced its ability to identify the basic strengths of its employees and develop interventions that closes the gap between current and desired employee capability. We continuously assess all our employees’ current level of capabilities against the desired level & create a list of high potential employees for career advancements. We also develop employees for future organisational roles and create a common framework of behaviour.

Scicom is committed in building a sustainable, innovative and competitive marketplace which is receptive to the needs of our stakeholders and takes into consideration the key social and environmental issues to aid in the formulation of best practices.

Scicom remains committed towards process excellence and in efficiently managing resources and reducing waste as well as ensuring and safe working environment in the workplace.

Sustainability is evolving to be embedded in Scicom’s working culture. Scicom remains committed to advancing our sustainability activities to greater heights. As the company grows, we remain committed to conducting our business in a more responsible manner by upholding good environmental and social values.