Supply of Information

The Directors have full, unrestricted and timely access to all information necessary for the discharge of their responsibilities. The Board is provided with the meeting agenda and Board papers, which enable the Directors to consider any matters arising and facilitate their decision-making process. The Board papers include, among others, the following documents and/or information:

  • The Group’s operational performance for the quarter and year-to-date, as compared to the pre-set budget and operational targets, including a detailed explanation of material variances between the actual and budgeted results. Performance is analysed at project and company-level;
  • A revised profitability budget based on latest events and changes in assumptions due to the prevailing environment;
  • The Group’s profitability, liquidity, financing and market-based ratios for the financial period;
  • The listing of significant planned capital expenditure and their appropriate justifications, to be tabled for approval by the Board;
  • The annual business plan and strategic initiatives are tabled for approval by the Board;
  • The Directors are regularly updated by the Company Secretary on new statutory as well as regulatory requirements relating to Director’s duties and responsibilities on the discharge of their duties as Directors of the Company. The Directors have unrestricted access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary and SMT of the Group; and
  • All the Directors, whether collectively as a Board or in their individual capacity, have access to advice and services of the Group’s Company Secretary. The Group permits an individual director or the Board as a whole to seek independent professional advice in carrying out his or their duties respectively.