Shareholders and Other Stakeholders

Communication between the Company and its Investors and Other Stakeholders

The Group CEO and the Chairman regularly engages in meeting with institutional investors and analyst. The objective of these meetings is to provide updates on the Group’s financial performances, corporate and regulatory developments and to address issues that the institutional investors and analyst may have with respect to the business or operations of the Group. Information on the Group’s financial performance, corporate and other matters is disseminated through press releases, press conferences, announcements made via Bursa Securities’ website, including quarterly announcements and annual reports. The Company has in place policies and procedures for compliance with the MMLR and ensures that all material information are announced immediately to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad as required. Scicom also maintains a website at, accessible by all its stakeholders and the general public, which provides pertinent and updated information on the corporate and business aspects of the Group. Any queries or concerns regarding the Group may be conveyed via e-mail at


The Annual General Meeting and Communication with Stakeholders

The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) is the principal forum for dialogue and communications, and also offers an opportunity for the Board and the Senior Management Team (“SMT”) to interact with the shareholders. During the AGM, the Chairman, other Board members, SMT and Group’s external auditors are available to respond to any questions and queries as raised by the shareholders. Where appropriate, the Chairman will endeavour to provide the shareholders with written answers to any significant questions which cannot be readily answered during the AGM.

Shareholders are encouraged to participate in the proceedings and pose questions about the resolutions proposed and the Group’s business operations and to raise questions with regards to the Group as a whole as well as to discuss any other important matters with the Board, During the AGM there is a presentation by the Group CEO on the Group’s financial presentation. During the AGM the Chairman will invite shareholders to raise questions pertaining to the audited financials and other items for adoption at the meeting before putting the resolution to vote.

The Annual Report also plays an important part in disseminating information related to the Group’s financial performance, and operations and activities throughout the financial year.

This Statement is made in accordance with the resolution adopted by the Board at its meeting held on 26 August 2016.