Board meetings

The Board meets at least quarterly to, inter alia, approve the quarterly announcements to Bursa Securities, statutory financial statements, the
Group’s business plans, and also to review the Group’s financial performance and standing. Additional meetings are convened as and when
necessary to deliberate on urgent matters.

Board meetings are scheduled in advance to facilitate Directors to plan ahead and to maximise participation. The agenda and a full set of Board
papers are distributed at least one week prior to Board meetings to ensure that Directors have sufficient time to read and prepare for discussion at
the meetings.

During the current financial year, four (4) Board meetings were held and all the Directors except for Puan Mahani Binti Amat and Encik Rashid Bin
Mohd Yusof who were both appointed to the Board on 15th June 2017, attended the four (4) meetings.

Minutes of Board meetings which include a record of the decisions and resolutions of the Board meetings are maintained by the Company Secretary.
The Directors have full access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary who is responsible for ensuring that Board meetings procedures
are adhered to. The Company Secretary also advises the Board on matters relating to corporate compliance with relevant laws and regulations
affecting the Board and the Group, as well as best practices on governance.